A letter to you ( update of Covid-19)

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Hello Angels 

First of all ! Thank you so much for supporting our small brand at this difficult time .

As many of you have been asking , we want to let you know more details about our process for orders and deliveries .

All the products are handmade, so the orders need 5-10 working days to process (a little delay now at this moment) .

We use Postnord (the Swedish national post office ) to send all your orders . 

Since it’s quite slow at the post system (overloaded at this moment) and It’s really out of our control once the shipment start so please be a little bit more patient .

As a small brand and we are offering free shipping above €50 worldwide at the moment so we can only afford to use the national post delivery. We hope we can offer you a better and quicker delivery choice in the future .

We are very sorry for the long wait and we are trying our best to reply to all your requests as soon as possible . We appreciate your understanding and patience .

Et toi Paris team